Ardahan Üniversitesi, 22 Mayıs 2008 de kurularak bir dünya üniversitesi olma yolunda ilk adımı atmıştır. Bilimin ve bilginin izinde, bilgiyi arayarak, öğrenerek, üreterek ve paylaşarak bölgenin ve ülkenin sorunlarıyla birlikte uluslararası toplumun da sorunlarını bir ışık gibi aydınlatmak amacıyla her geçen gün gelişerek yoluna devam etmektedir. Siz de bu gelişime ortak olun.

Ardahan Üniversitesi

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Accreditations and Memberships


Our university participates in Farabi Exchange Program in addition to Erasmus Exchange Program. In 2011–2012 Academic Year, various activities will take place as part of Farabi Exchange Program. This Exchange program of the students and faculty member between the universities, is an Exchange program which makes exchange of two-year degree, bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, Phd degree. Farabi Exchange Program aims to make students and faculty members study in another university for one or two semester. In this context, dual deals are made with various universities and institutes. There is a dual deal with DOĞU AKDENİZ UNIVERSITY. Thanks to this deal, the students of Ardahan Vocational High School- Tourism and Hotel Administration Program was sent to Doğu Akdeniz University for practical training and language training.



Our university paticipated in the international student Exchange programs in Europe actively in 2010-2011 Academic Year. Within the context of Foreign Relations Office, for exchanging student and staff with some universities in Europe, dual deals was made and still being made. Since May 2011, visits were made to Germany, Belgium, Rumania and Poland and via these visits, dual deals were contracted with various universities for Erasmus Exchange.

The Universities of collaboration

Name of Country

Contracted Universty


Johannes Gutenberg University


Ghent University


University of Technology and Life Sciences


Lumina University


Kyrgyzstan Turkey  Manas University

In the context of these collaborations, our university will first begin to exchange student and staff in 2011-2012 Academic Year. Our now active Human Sciences and Literature Faculty, Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty and Engineering Faculty, which will accept student in 2011- 2012 Educational Year, will accept Exchange students and staffs.

In addition to faculities, Vocational High Schools will also take place in this Exchange Program.


The Aim of The Erasmus Program
The aim of the Erasmus Program is to give importance to knowledge, to promote collaboration between universities, provide dual Exchange in Europe, and consequently to make the Works and degrees approved by each other academically between universities, and to improve transparency, and information. In Europe which provides high quality education, the graduates are more qualified and they can correspond to the business world’s expectations more easily. Program can help the European public’s prejudices about each other. So far from 1987, via Erasmus Program, more than 1,5 million university students have studied in Europe, and could learn about these countries’ people and culture. The Program aims to make 3 million students use Erasmus Exchange Program from now on.


Caucasian University Association
Caucasian University Association has been founded - upon the invitation of the president of Ardahan University - through a protocol signed by the presidents of Ardahan University, Artvin Çoruh University, Atatürk University, Kars Kafkas University, Iğdır University from Republic of Turkey; Ahaltsihe ( Ahıska) State University from Georgia and Nakhchivan State University from Nakhchivan on 11.11.2009 in Ardahan.

Respective protocol having the characterstics of a pre- agreement has aroused a great excitement and interest among regional universities. 1st Ordinary Congress of Caucasian University Association came together in Ardahan University between 8-13th May 2011 with the attendance of  Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ziya Özcan - term  president of the Council of Higher Education - and with the contributions of Yunus Emre Institution. Number of members of Caucasian University Association founded by 7 member universities reached to 19 with the attendance of new universities from Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Persia. With that congress, the scope of pre- agreement protocol has been broadened.


The basic aim of Caucasian University Association is to benefit from the common heritage that the shareholder countries have in Caucasian geography  and to determine a vision that will help to illuminate the future in addition to the present common academic works that have been done in various areas such as language, culture, history, art, economy, education .From this point of view, the following objectives have been determined ;

• Building up an intercultural dialog considering the geopolitical importance of the region,
• Organizing collaborative symposiums and seminars,
• Organizing collaborative cultural, artistic and sportive activities,
• Preparing the program for the temporary exchange of the faculty members (Mevlana Exchange Programme),
• Translation of each other’s scientific and literary works,
• To provide the collection and publication of nearly-extict folkloric products through common projects,
• To conduct accreditation work mutually,
• To start common diploma programmes,
• To open language schools