Ardahan Üniversitesi, 22 Mayıs 2008 de kurularak bir dünya üniversitesi olma yolunda ilk adımı atmıştır. Bilimin ve bilginin izinde, bilgiyi arayarak, öğrenerek, üreterek ve paylaşarak bölgenin ve ülkenin sorunlarıyla birlikte uluslararası toplumun da sorunlarını bir ışık gibi aydınlatmak amacıyla her geçen gün gelişerek yoluna devam etmektedir. Siz de bu gelişime ortak olun.

Ardahan Üniversitesi

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Life at ARU

Life at ARÜ

Ardahan University is active in many areas in social, cultural and sportive terms, to move university life away from a stagnant structure; It ensures that the university has a vibrant and dynamic structure. Ardahan University brings great vitality to the region with social, cultural and sportive activities.


Various activities are organized in each academic term in order to enable our students to participate actively in activities outside the classroom and to transfer our artistic and cultural values ​​to future generations. In this context, monthly concerts with local and foreign artists, photography, theater, social responsibility projects prepared by student clubs, activities organized by associations, folk dances and various courses add color to university life.



The theater club has the opportunity to exhibit the plays prepared throughout the year, both within the university and at national and international festivals. As an indication of this, the ARU Theater Club participated in the "Cüneyt Gökçer 2nd International Theater Festival" and returned with an award from the festival. Spring festivals, which have become traditional, allow students to relieve stress and have fun after a tough year.



Our university supports the sports activities of our students in every field. Our university organizes sportive activities in various fields such as boxing, football, volleyball and skiing. As a result of these activities, our students have achieved many national successes. In order to raise the bar of success for our students, the construction of the necessary facilities continues.

Our university student group ARÜ FUTSAL team won the FUTSAL tournament organized by the Universities Sports Federation in Antalya Belek and became the 3rd in Turkey. Ardahan University, which ranked fourth in Turkey in the Universities Turkey Boxing Championship, has proven its success in different fields.



Ardahan University aims to train the best skiers of Turkey in the future with the activities carried out in Yanlızçam ski facilities. Ardahan University has been a social and dynamic university since its establishment. With all the activities carried out, the students were brought together and the spirit of Ardahan University was formed.